Many of today’s pre-teens, teenagers and young adults are LOST! Many of today’s parents are confused and struggle trying to connect and have a positive impact on their children! Educators are searching for fresh ideas and strategies so they can influence positive growth in the students they serve! Are you searching for FRESH HOPE? Are you looking for a way REKINDLE YOUR INSPIRATION? Do you need to strengthen your WILL TO PERSERVERE? Are you ready to make positive life changes that bring success, achievement and happiness.

Helping young people, parents, families, professionals and organizations reach their fullest potential is Joe Gandolfo’s expertise. He connects with young people of this day and age! He relates to parents as they navigate the trials and joys of parenthood! He offers educators and helping professionals new ideas which will reinvigorate their passion to serve!

Through his experience in working with thousands of pre-teens and teens, young adults, parents, college students, collegiate and professional athletes, educators and organizations, Joe knows the personal growth challenges all of us face and the abundant opportunities that surround all of us. More importantly, he understands the keys to seizing these opportunities, accomplishing goals and generating success.

His 25 year professional career has created the expertise. His colorful life journey as a kid, teenager, college student, husband, father of two precious sons, community activist, entrepreneur and Fellow Human Traveler ….. keeps him real ….. keeps him grounded ….. and will remind you today that he is human just like you! Please welcome Joe Gandolfo.