Middle & High School Programs

The Great Teenage Myth & Beyond

There is a Great Teenage Myth alive in this world!  This Myth is alive in the hearts and minds of most preteens and teenagers walking around this planet.  Although most myths are harmless, this one is destructive.  When one believes and lives the Myth (and most are unaware that they believe and live the Myth) it keeps one from experiencing and having in their life – True Freedom, True Independence, True Personal Power.

Most preteens & teenagers are not only living The Great Teenage Myth, they are perpetuating it each and every day, keeping its destructive power alive by sharing & living it with their friends and classmates.

Here are two Key Points to consider:

Key Point #1:  The whole idea of “play” as teenagers’ experience it today is a relatively new concept & experience.

Key Point #2  Before 1940, just over 65 years ago, there was technically no such thing as a “teenager”.

Only if preteens & teenagers are willing to understand and shatter The Great Teenage Myth will they have given themselves the opportunity to go BEYOND it’s destructive and limiting influence.  Thus being able to experience and live what they truly desire and need in their life – Real Freedom, Real Independence, and Real Personal Power!!

This inspirational, motivational, educational and humorous program will leave attendees with the clear insight and transformational understanding that each one is truly AMAZING, and will offer powerful ideas — Success Strategies & Leadership Principles — on how they can begin to vision, create and take the steps towards manifesting a truly AMAZING life.