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From Frantic To Fabulous:  Becoming a Miracle Mom

“Successful Parenting is NOT about You being perfect!  Successful Parenting is about You being as PRESENT as You possibly can in YOUR mind, heart & soul in any given encounter with Your preteens & teenagers!”

By End of This Presentation, your attendees will know:

  • The 3 Common Mistakes Even Smart Moms Make, Which Keep Them Feeling Confused, Frustrated & Scared While Raising Their Preteen & Teenager
  • More importantly, they will learn how to AVOID THESE 3 COMMON & COSTLY MISTAKES
  • They will be given easy to follow, practical strategies they can use right away which will allow them to parent with greater clarity, more confidence & with much less stress.

This inspirational, educational and humorous program will leave your attendees with the clear insight and understanding of how to shift from Frantic to Fabulous, and will offer Powerful Insights and Transformational Strategies so they can bring forth and become the Miracle Mom which exists inside of them.